P2/Quicktime archiving

Posted by Gabe 
P2/Quicktime archiving
March 08, 2007 12:52PM
I am just lookin' for any input as to whether it would be better to archive my
DVCPRO HD footage as MXF files, or as Quicktime files.

Currently, I am planning on archiving them to hard drives, but I would be interested in a more stable/cheaper alternative. Any input would be great.

Re: P2/Quicktime archiving
March 08, 2007 12:58PM
Since the Apple site is really lagging for me, I'll answer you here. I might post the answer there too, for the benefit of those there...when Apple responds better.

Archive the MXF files. This is the raw data. What if you switch editing platforms in the future? What if FCP suddenly starts reading and working with the MXF files on a future version? And, there have been times where new DVCPRO HD codecs were released that fixed issues with past versions.

Would you throw a tape away after you captured the footage? No. Because not only is that the master format, but it will work on any edit system.


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Re: P2/Quicktime archiving
March 08, 2007 07:58PM
P2 records in pairs (soon to be quad)
Using a storecase drive (fan cooled)
A project folder is made and contains a folder named "Reel 001"
In that folder are folders "A" & "B"
The top P2 card goes into A an the bottom into B. (all contents)
This HD has a back up in the field and is cloned at the end of the day.
You import all P2 into your edit project drives from the primary drive and then shelve it.
The back up "clone" returns to the field.
Once the edited project is completed the "Capture Scratch" folder joins the
shelved HD containing the raw.
That's how I do it.
For now anyway.
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