problems with Voice Over

Posted by wgazecki 
problems with Voice Over
March 08, 2007 11:28PM
I am having trouble getting the Voice Over tool to work. Audio is coming in via SPDIF to the Decklink card (FCP 5.1.4). I know the audio is getting to the card because I can Log and Capture through it just fine. But in the Voice Over window (set to Decklink, 48KHz), everything seems to work fine exscept there is NO AUDIO. All other functions, other than the audio, work properly. I have tried everything. Any help much appreciated.

Mac PPC dual 2.5
Decklink HDPro
Re: problems with Voice Over
March 09, 2007 07:26AM
can confirm that I've seen this problem reported many times before ... capturing to the VO tool seems to be problematic with the Decklink inputs.

a search on "VO TOOL" at the Blackmagic forum on the COW revals much, including:

"To enable Voice Over Tool, you need to follow a similar procedure to DV, and use the following settings. Use the Displays menu (page 13 of the DeckLink Macintosh v2 manual) to set the DeckLink desktop to the same format as the video source, eg. NTSC 720 x 486. Next in the View menu of Final Cut Pro HD, set External Video to "Off". When finished with the Voice Over Tool, set External Video to "All Frames" to use the broadcast monitor."
Re: problems with Voice Over
March 09, 2007 04:44PM
Thank you. That helped. I got it to work. Funny thing is, when you turn External Video to off, it works, but then if you turn External Video back to All Frames, it continues to work.
Go figure.

Thanks again,
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