P2 import Question.... Clip Stitching?

Posted by mrshow555 
P2 import Question.... Clip Stitching?
April 10, 2007 07:17PM
I know P2 cards limit the file sizes of the clips (4gb on the cards I believe and 2Gb on the Firestores) but when importing P2 footage in FCP I noticed it doesn't stitch the consecutive clips back together into once seemless clip.

Is there a setting I can adjust to change this or is this a function FCP is lacking?

Someone on a different forum mentioned that some programs stitch the clips together when converting mxf files. Does that mean I need different software to import to avoid all my footage being divided into roughly 2 min segments?
Re: P2 import Question.... Clip Stitching?
April 11, 2007 10:49AM
I don't know of any program that stitches mxf files together when importing, but if there is one out there, I'd be interested in knowing. I have the same issue with importing XDCam footage. Each time the camera operator starts and stops, a new clip is created on the XDCam disc. So to import the files into FCP sometimes means importing hundreds of files.

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