FCP 5.1 Waves Conflict after Install
April 25, 2007 07:28PM
Just installed FCP 5.1 on a machine for a VIP. When the application starts, it tries to start Pro Tools waves for no apparent reason. We don't have the Pro Tools dongle handy, so it asks us to Buy Pro Tools. When you hit cancel, it simply shuts down FCP. It's obviously trying to load some sort of helper application or some library that it has now confused with Pro Tools Waves. We've tried reinstalling (after repairing permissions), but the same problem arises when we start up the app. The issue actually STARTED after we repaired permissions on his machine before the installation. Seems to be looking for a file called WAVES_IR1-M, which is part of FCP, but instead launches something like the Waves_iLoc.

Any ideas how to tell FCP to launch its correct application?

Thanks in advance.

Re: FCP 5.1 Waves Conflict after Install
April 26, 2007 10:23AM
We have the same issue but it isn't the TDM or RTAS filters that it is trying to start, it's the Audio Unit files and it seems that FCP can't handle something inside the Waves plugs (I kept getting the message from FCP that the plugs were out of date!).
Our solution was to make a folder just outside the Components folder in Library>Audio>Plug-ins, that I called Problem plugs and pull the Waves AU Waveshells into it. We only use the RTAS/Audosuite plugs with ProTools
I purchased Wave Arts plugs to use IN FCP as the Waves plugs didn't work in version 4 or 5 (Waves that is, not FCP 4 or 5). If I need the Waves plugs in an app like Amadeus Pro or Soundtrack, I pull the Waveshells back into Components - seems a drag but it's too difficult getting Waves to understand and do something.
Re: FCP 5.1 Waves Conflict after Install
April 26, 2007 06:01PM
Thanks in advance for the info. A contact at Apple suggested the same approach. I'll have my boss try hiding the plug-ins from FCP as you described and I'll post to let you know how it turned out. The other suggestion that I received from the Ken Stone web site was to potentially start FCP with the Pro Tools dongle inserted and then try to disable the plug-in from within the effects tab after FCP has launched. Would be great if either of these works.

Thanks again,
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