why can't I install FCP 5.1 on my G5?

Posted by ana 
why can't I install FCP 5.1 on my G5?
May 17, 2007 12:04AM
from my system profiler:

Machine Name: Power Mac G5
Machine Model: PowerMac7,2
CPU Type: PowerPC 970 (2.2)
Number Of CPUs: 1
CPU Speed: 1.8 GHz
L2 Cache (per CPU): 512 KB
Memory: 1.75 GB
Bus Speed: 900 MHz
Boot ROM Version: 5.1.5f1

Chipset Model: ATY,RV100
Type: Display
Bus: PCI
Slot: SLOT-2
VRAM (Total): 32 MB
Vendor: ATI (0x1002)
Device ID: 0x5159
Revision ID: 0x0000
ROM Revision: 113-85501-208

I just bought this G5 on eBay in order to upgrade from 5.04 to 5.1

but FCP and Motion will not upgrade and the rest won't accept my install info because of "license" problems. I can't remember the exact terminology.

Is it a hardware problem? graphics card? software corruption? the video gods?
I'm not sure exactly what i have here ... so I cut and paste the info above in the hope that it will answer any questions.

what can I buy to add to the machine to fix the problem?

thanks for all help !!
Re: why can't I install FCP 5.1 on my G5?
May 17, 2007 12:32AM
Bought from eBay...was the copy of Final Cut Pro on the computer legit, purchased by the original owner? Did he officially transfer his serial number to you?

Re: why can't I install FCP 5.1 on my G5?
May 17, 2007 02:32AM
I had my registered, totally legal version, of FCP 5.04 (which started as 3.0 and was upgraded to 4.0 and then upgraded to 5.04) on a SATA drive I was using with a PCI card in the G4 ... and I moved that drive into the second drive bay of the new machine which did not have Final Cut installed.

I have a full version of 5.1 which i tried to use to upgrade my 5.04 ... FCP and Motion wouldn't upgrade ... the rest did but when i opened them they asked for serial numbers, etc. and didn't like the new #, or the old # and gave me the license message.

so I decided to just install 5.1 on the original G5 SATA drive and I got the exact same message with FCP and Motion grayed out. I unmounted the G4 SATA drive and tried again ... with the same results.

I did not get the original G5 install disks with the computer .. the seller wiped the drive and reinstalled Tiger before he sent it... giving the computer a generic user file. could this be a problem with the settings used to create the Admin account?

I have my own set of Tiger system disks ... can I use these to reset the Admin account on the G5?

Re: why can't I install FCP 5.1 on my G5?
May 17, 2007 02:38AM
This happens quite a bit actually. try removing your System ID file and enter your serial number again. The System ID file for your product is located in /Library/Application Support/ProApps/

Michael Horton
Re: why can't I install FCP 5.1 on my G5?
May 22, 2007 04:26PM
thnks Mike,
I tried that and had the same result .. but in the process I discovered menus that explained the problem ... with my cursor close to the grayed FCP and Motion selections in the installation dialogue ( I hope this is making sense) those grayed items said that my system didn't have the required hardware for installation. I opened the "Read Me" files and tried to compare the system requirements with my System Profiler and I can't make heads or tails of it... I am assuming the problem is with my video card ... but I can't figure out how to identify what I have installed. The "read Me" file says the basic PowerMac G5 card should work. I fear that the person who sold me this machine replaced it.

I'm stumped!

Can someone interpret the System Profiler info I posted earlier and help me identify what hardware issues I need to address??

thanks so much (in advance)
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