Sony AVCHD working with FCP, easily???? How to?
June 03, 2007 12:16AM
I haven't found a good solution. I'm working on a volunteer project for a local school, but I do have a feeling that I will come across this professionally (I'm a Producer/Editor). I've been handed a Sony HDR-SR1 HDD, hard disk, HD Camcorder. I can boot the camera up as a USB drive, but none of the video will play on my Mac. I also tried it on PC, which I plays using NERO, but I can't get it to export. I really don't want to use the PC,... I want to do it all on my Mac. I want to work with FCP the same way I always do, drag the videos into my Browser,... but FCP doesn't recogize the file, nor does QuickTime, or Squeeze, or MPEG Streamclip, or VLC,... or any other Mac app,... freeware, shareware or payware!!!!!

So,... does anybody know the answer? I've been looking on the WWWeb over the last two days, and have not found an answer???? From all that I've read, there is no easy solution,... other than to just take the analog out and capture, or using BlackMagic Design products (HDMI) or other stuff that I don't way to pay for (not on this project anyway).


Robert Moore
Santa Monica, CA 90402
Re: Sony AVCHD working with FCP, easily???? How to?
June 05, 2007 10:54AM
Right now HDMI is the only answer as far as I know. Basically these cams are designed for plug and play and not editing. They are sweet little cameras but only way to get it into a Mac is via HDMI with a BOB or BM card.

Michael Horton
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