Digital Cinema Desktop Preview

Posted by Gthanos 
Digital Cinema Desktop Preview
June 13, 2007 12:09PM
I am on set editing a HVX-200 feature. We are shooting DVCPRO HD 23.98

I am trying to configure my FCP 5.1.4 sytem for Digital Cinema Desktop Preview. I am running a new MAC PRO 2.66 Intel Tower with 2 GB ram. I have a Sony 23" DVI monitor as my primary monitor and a smaller Dell LCD (15"winking smiley to use as my Preview monitor. The 2nd monitor has DVI but I am using the analog cable with a DVI converter to connect it to the alternate DVI port on the Mac Pro because of a lack of DVI cable.

When I try and go to "View" and then Video Playback I get "none" for options. Same thing when I go the Audio Video Settings and go to A/V devices. I also get "none". Cant seem to figure this out as I know its my only option to preview my DVCPRO HD 24p footage without buying extra equipment. Thanks!
Re: Digital Cinema Desktop Preview
June 13, 2007 09:41PM
getting only None" is a bit weird.
you should at least get a "Digital Cinema Desktop Preview - Main", and a "None"

maybe trash your prefs.
read this:

you do know that the desktop preview is NOT full res?
it's pretty much just the canvas blown up, with it's no-feilds and low-res preview.
beats everyone cramming around the one screen, though

Re: Digital Cinema Desktop Preview
June 14, 2007 03:05PM
thanks for your response. I did trash my prefs.... I do know that the preview is not full res. I'm simply looking for something I can use to offline my edit with.

I have been searching the internet for days for this answer and cant seem to find one instance of this problem coming up anywhere else.

Does the display HAVE To be a apple cinema display with DVI? Thats really all i can think of. I even tried setting my SONY 23" LCD as the preview monitor with DVI and my old Dell 15" LCD as my final cut pro monitor and it still wouldnt come up...weird.
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