OT: P2 Genie and Win Vista - Works!
June 23, 2007 04:11PM
I just worked this out and posted it at Creative Cow, and thought I'd also post here.

I have gone with a fully digital, data-oriented production workflow, using the HVX200, P2 cards, laptop and desktop-based editors (ala FCP). I was using an XP Pro laptop, which recently went belly-up, so I needed a new one. However, new ones are almost all Win Vista AND Expresscard (not PC Cardbus Type II, for the P2 cards), but I was most concerned about the main apps on which I rely - P2Genie, P2 Viewer, and DVRackHD - running under Vista.

I had to pull the trigger on the laptop this week, and spent a few hours working out this P2Genie thing. Here's what I got: P2Genie works, at least under Win Vista Home Premium.

1. First I installed the P2 Driver and P2 Viewer, which can be gotten from Panasonic. They are made for Vista, and work fine.

2. Installed Microsoft .Net Framework 1.1 from Microsoft. I'm not sure if this is required, but I read something online that made me think so.

3. Installed P2 Genie as usual.

P2 Genie works as it always did, albeit with a few Windows Vista popups here and there (the normal ones - Vista is popup City!). I have not tested the footage in an editor, but it appears fine in P2 Viewer.

If you're trying to do this, best of luck!

My System:

Toshiba P105-6217
PC Type II and Expresscard slots
Win Vista Home Premium
All updates are current

Now on to DVRack...

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