Upgrade woes, help!

Posted by Ed Roman 
Upgrade woes, help!
July 05, 2007 06:46PM
I'm working on an old project that was done in FCP Studio 1. Now I've been working on it all day in Studio 2, no problem. Suddenly, when I go to save, it will not allow me to save and I get the message, "File Error: Unknown file." I save as I go, so I've been saving this all day long, but now it decides it doesn't like me.

Re: Upgrade woes, help!
July 05, 2007 07:02PM
Did you change any file or folder names in the Finder? Doing that to the project file or any folder in its path would cause FCP to have this error.

Try a Save As to a new location with a new name. If that doesn't work, try copying everything in the project file to a brand-new project file with matching settings.

Re: Upgrade woes, help!
July 05, 2007 07:07PM
Try trashing your preferences. Worked for me when I get that error.

Michael Horton
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