Posted by Nick Baer 
July 14, 2007 11:50PM
Has anyone taken their iMac to Europe lately? Is it as straightforward as getting an off the shelf power converter, or is there a specific Apple part?

I have an iMac 20.

I was at Big Box last night, and noticed in their lone Apple display, they do have a "World Traveler" thing in a sealed box with no wordage printed on the outside that was readable as to what it might do... I'm thinking maybe that is more for MacBook?

I also have the SONY HDV1, which goes for at least an hour on its Battery - which is more than I can say about myself at times. I assume that the prospect of getting a 220v AC/DV Battery charger/power supply for the SONY is a bit simpler?

THANKS IN ADVANCE you world shooters!
Re: Europe
July 15, 2007 12:57AM
most products these days are 100-240 volts interchangeable.

don't take my word, though,check the manual for teh iMac, of cuorse.
pretty sure it;s a fairly particular sort of plug in the iMac end, which means an adapter plug on the other.
you could get one at any airport before you travel

as for the transformer,
you can use an adapter or you should be able to buy a power cord for that for a few euros.

Re: Europe
July 15, 2007 11:03AM
Nick B,

I can confirm that your Mac's power supply is 100/240 capable. The only thing the "World Traveler" kit does is to supply you with the correct "outlet" configuration. Once you get it plugged in, the internal transformer "senses" the correct voltage at it just works.

I recently travelled to Australia (220) an all I did was buy a cheap "american to Aussie" plug adaptor at a local electronics store and it worked just fine.

No more heavy "step down" transformers needed.

Re: Europe
July 15, 2007 12:49PM
I took my PB G4 to Ukraine (Eastern Europe) a few months ago & used an international power / converter kit from WalMart ($20.00). It worked perfectly. The pins are different in the walls depending on what region you are in so make sure you have the right ones in the kit:



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Re: Europe
July 18, 2007 02:43AM
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