Weird Crash with Log and Capture

Posted by mark@avolution 
Weird Crash with Log and Capture
July 17, 2007 11:50AM
Firstly let me say that we are running on temporary but new drives (OS X Extended)
whilst the Huge System drives are out to California for warranty repair.

I was digitizing a DVD to the timeline; and my sequence is set to 480p DV
(something that these temporary MyBooks can handle on the 800 firewire connection)

Basically the L&C window will show the digitize in progress no probs; but four times in a
row; after I wanted my live grab to stop (via the escape key); I got the Bouncing Beach Ball
of Death; and I could not force quit the FCP app (I had to press and hold the power button
on our Power Mac Dual 2.5G).

This clip in normal grab would have been quite small as it was 5 minutes long at DV quality

When I looked at the finder; the capture directory had created a clip to fill the hard-drive
less 2G (as set in min capture drive setting)
I deleted this 297.5G file; and by lick the client didn't need this clip in the movie.

Every other clip (some were 2 hour off DVCAM to DV codec) digitized fine.

Any ideas as to this weird behaviour?

(p.s. searched the FAQ but did not find under log and capture)
Re: Weird Crash with Log and Capture
July 17, 2007 11:52AM
Check System Settings - Limit Capture Now. You might have it turned off or set to too high a number. Keep Limit Capture Now low (I recommend 30 minutes and would never go beyond 60) or FCP will try to hog massive amounts of disk space for the Capture Now because it doesn't know when you want to stop.
Re: Weird Crash with Log and Capture
July 17, 2007 08:22PM
Does your version of FCP handle 480p? Actually, it must be, since you say your sequence is set to it. Why is your sequence set top 480p if you're digitising DVDs?

Have you got the system set to 'create new clip on timecode break'? This can give you the very long and winding beachball of death that eventually resolves. Try leaving it for an hour and see if it resolves.

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