turning off journalling on capture drive

Posted by mark@avolution 
turning off journalling on capture drive
August 30, 2007 08:42AM
For some reason someone at Ciprico told me to format the RAID
as OSX Extended Journalled (one of the drives came back
and the other is still there being repaired)
and from reading some of the posts
this will cause a performance hit such as uncompressed 10 bit SD
timeline no effects and a simple AB roll, and FCP will report dropped frames!

Is there a way to turn off journaling on the capture drive; bar having to
restripe and reformat it!

And do you think that this would cause such a drop in throughput.

In th old days the Huge U320 drives were striped withATTO Express and we
never had SD issues like this.

edit: as an addendum I have searched the Applecare docs and it states:

To turn journaling on and off using Disk Utility:

Open Disk Utility (located in Applications/Utilities).
Select the volume to enable or disable journaling on.
To enable, click the Enable Journaling button or choose Enable Journaling from the File menu.

To disable journaling, choose Disable Journaling from the File menu.
Note: In Mac OS X 10.4 and later, press Option to make Disable Journaling visible in the File menu.

I can not get this to work; is it the Option Key or is there some option in the Disk Manager I am missing?

Please advise!

Re: turning off journalling on capture drive
August 30, 2007 11:16AM
Your chances for error go up slightly when you capture or play with journaled drives. It's not an automatic death sentence. We capture to our journaled System Drives all the time (by accident) and the world doesn't stop rotating.

If you're doing absolutely everything else wrong (daisy-chaining FireWire drives, playing FireWire through your drive, etc.), then that may be enough to damage a capture. All these problems are relative.

I believe turning journaling off and formatting a non journaled drive are different. One leaves room for the extra information. Someone will correct me.

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