Is the Canon XL2 really a 24p?

Posted by PhillyFilmmaker 
Is the Canon XL2 really a 24p?
September 06, 2007 11:06PM
Does the Canon XL2 really shoot in 24p?

And, how do I make sure I import it correctly into FCP 5.01?

I want to make sure I'm doing this right...

Re: Is the Canon XL2 really a 24p?
September 06, 2007 11:25PM
I'm assuming you're working in NTSC. The XL2 shoots in 24p but not 24pA, if I remember right. That means you'll get the "24fps film flicker", but the footage will still be 29.97fps with 2:3 pulldown added. If you want to finish on any kind of SD tape format, then just capture the footage as 29.97fps DV NTSC. If you want to finish on a 24fps format (eg. blowup to 24p HD, DVD, web), then use Cinema Tools or a capture card to remove the pulldown from the footage and edit in a DV 23.98fps timeline. Proceed with caution, though -- lots of people get this crucial first stage with the frame rates wrong, and frame rate is not something you want to have to troubleshoot once capturing is done and editing starts. Make sure you perform the right pulldown removal (2:3, not 2:3:3:2, which is the cadence for 24pA) and the footage looks correct.
Re: Is the Canon XL2 really a 24p?
September 08, 2007 08:06AM
One small correction. The XL2 does shoot 24PA. So what Derek said about the right pulldown removal is going to be very correct and crucial. Make sure if you have 24P or 24PA footage.

Steven Gladney

Sometimes the obvious is hidden in plain view.
Re: Is the Canon XL2 really a 24p?
September 10, 2007 12:28PM
One more addition.
You don't have to remove the pulldown in Cinema Tools or with a capture card.
Providing that you shot in 24Pa, capture your source tape with the setting:
DV NTSC 48 kHz Advanced (2:3:3:2) Pulldown Removal
If you also shot anamorphic, go in to above settings an check the 16/9 anamorphic
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