Media Manager Error Code 12
September 14, 2007 04:30PM
What is going on? I log and captured successfully, cut the show, and now am trying to use Media Manager to Remove Unused Media from a Sequence (that's page 109, FCP6 Volume IV). My goal is to clean up my drives for the next show.

I did everything stated in the book, selected "Use existing", "Delete unused media from selected items" and made sure "duplicate selected items and place into a new project" was NOT CLICKED.

During the procedure, I kept getting "Error Code 12" for various clips. I hit "skip" and kept going to see what would happen (what the hey - it had already started, an abort would have f** with part of the media anyhow).

Here's what happened - I open my project and now find that various clips are "Media Offline". They are in the browser. When I go to "reconnect" them, I can find them on the harddrive, but FCP6 won't reconnect them no matter how hard I try.

In an attempt to solve the problem, I went to the "capture scratch" folder where all the media files are sourced - I can see those "offline" files, but they are "FCP docs" and the rest are QT docs. What does it mean?

Did I capture wrong somehow? But why would it be only a few of the files?

Any advice?!

P.S. I tried again, this time not selecting just the SEQUENCE in the browser (and then hit MEDIA MANAGER) but doing an apple-a click (to select all) and tried Media Manager for all the media in all the bins. Same problem. "Error Code 12".

If anyone can help me out in any way, and save me a thousand-hour call to apple I would be greatly, greatly happy. Jeanne
Re: Media Manager Error Code 12
September 14, 2007 04:34PM
By the way: I'm running a PowerMac G5, 2 CPUs (PowerPC 970 (2.2) at 2GHz each; LZ Cache per CPU: 512 KB; Memory: 1.5 GB; Bus Speed 1 GHz
Re: Media Manager Error Code 12
September 14, 2007 07:36PM
Hoo boy. "Use existing" is one of the most dangerous things you could do with Media Manager. It modifies your original media permanently with no chance at undoing without a recapture from tape, and no chance to check for errors until the files are already altered. Typically what you want is "Copy" or "Make offline", not "Use existing".

If Media Manager's already mangled your original editing media (whether through software bugs or user error), there's nothing you can do unless you had backed up those files. You'll just have to get them from tape.

My guess is that through some sort of setup problem -- for example, improper timecodes and logging, missing Reel Names -- some of the clips didn't trim properly or completely. Now you have corrupted or partial files and they may have overwritten your original media. There's no fix for that.
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