timeline setting - NTSC DV (3:2) ???

Posted by Robert 
timeline setting - NTSC DV (3:2) ???
September 15, 2007 07:10AM
Hello Everyone,

this is a very naive question and I apologize. I am shooting miniDV ntsc on a canon xl-1 in 4:3 format.

Q: Is it right to have the timeline set to ntsc DV (3:2)?? (I also saw a setting ntsc 4:3)

I always assumed it was ntsc dv (3:2) but when I export the quicktime movie from my timeline and then look at this in the quicktime program, the image looks a bit squashed, ie everything a bit stretched out so that people look shorte and fatter.

Thanks to everyone in advance!

Best regards,


Editing in FCP HD 4.5 on a powerbook g4.

Re: timeline setting - NTSC DV (3:2) ???
September 15, 2007 08:27AM
Go to FCP menu -> easy setup -> DV-NTSC. Then click once on the sequence itself, and go to Sequence -> settings. In the Compressor box, it should say DV/DVC Pro- NTSC and make sure you DO NOT have the "anamorphic" check box checked. The frame size will be 720x480 and the "aspect ratio" will be 3:2. But because the pixels are not square, it makes a 4:3 image on your monitor.
Re: timeline setting - NTSC DV (3:2) ???
September 15, 2007 05:42PM
Hi Tim,

thank you very much for your help!!

Best regards,
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