New book: "The Filmaker's Guide to [FCP] Workflow"

Posted by Aaron Zander 
New book: "The Filmaker's Guide to [FCP] Workflow"
September 30, 2007 04:59PM
A Teacher/Mentor/Friend of mine just released a book titled : "The Filmmaker's Guide to Final Cut Pro Workflow". Written By Dale Angell published by Focal Press. I'm digging in it now (it's in my lap as I type) And thought it might not all be new, It's about the budget saving workflow using FCP protools and Compressor.

About the Author:

Dale Angell (as you will read if you get the books) has been Editing since '74, bought is first FCP set up before compressor was owned by apple. [I think right around the same time they announced Final Cut server, ok, bad joke I know, but come on. It's fall which is about a season late of the summer release] He has worked on many short, and feature films as well as many student projects. Familiar with all facets of post (including 3d work flows, Lightwave, avid, and more) He now brings his knowledge and spreads it to the students at Brooks Institute in Ventura Ca.

I'd Like to state, I am in no way receiving anything for this post, just wanted to let every one here at my favorite Final Cut Hang out know what's up.

Re: New book: "The Filmaker's Guide to [FCP] Workflow"
September 30, 2007 08:43PM
Thanks for the pointer, Aaron.

Also, I heard the other day that Final Cut Server has been delayed until January. But I heard it second hand from someone who read it on a rumour site, so not confirmed.

Personally I'm happier if they spend time getting it right before they release it.

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