DV Decks -- Wisdom Sought

Posted by MitchellRose 
DV Decks -- Wisdom Sought
October 20, 2007 10:33AM
I'm setting up an FCP lab at a university -- an economically challenged university (as most are). Right now they're using cheapo miniDV cameras for capturing and they quickly get trashed. I'm looking for DV decks but I'm seeing nothing. (Happy with my own DSR11, I haven't kept up with these things.) The DSR11, while seemingly now nonexistent, would be too expensive--they'd never go for it. A Sony GVD900 Video Walkman would be good, but they don't make anything like that anymore either. Does anyone have suggestions for thrifty DV decks? (I know you might be tempted to say, You get what you pay for. But believe me, the money is just not there.) Thanks very much.

Mitchell Rose
Re: DV Decks -- Wisdom Sought
October 20, 2007 05:26PM
OK...sorry...gonna be honest here:

The word "thrifty" falls under the same category as "cheap"...and I hate "cheap". This deck will be POWER-USED in a University lab and should not be "thrifty". It should be solid & able to take a beating...like the DSR11. My film school lab had 8 workstations with $300 "prosumer" JVC decks on them and they all failed miserably (I wouldn't use or recommend JVC anything). I was the lucky one...I had my own system at home and I had to do my final project on my home system. I would not want to subject my students to that kind of horror. You answered some of your own questions...you WILL get what you pay for in this instance.

They won't go for a DSR11? Really?? That's what I would have recommended (and I only recommend what I know) and they're still around...that's pretty much STILL the industry standard for a tough little straight-up DVCAM tape deck - and it's at a very reasonable price these days (way down from it's original $2500 price tag). Takes large tapes as well as mini's. You can get a few used ones off Ebay and have them refurbished to new status for a little more $$$. Here's one for $1299 + $24 shipping:


I have one as well that I am selling for $1250 + shipping with the remote in the original box (super-low hours).

Here's the newest sexy replacement at a good price as well - Sony's HVRM15U (HDV / DV / DVCAM - also takes the larger tapes!)


You can always use cameras to output to but as you have mentioned...you'll wear them out with the traffic of a lab in no time.

...my 2¢.


When life gives you dilemmas...make dilemmanade.

Re: DV Decks -- Wisdom Sought
October 20, 2007 07:48PM
yes that HDV deck is awesome, i liked working with it.

yeah, what Joe said.
Re: DV Decks -- Wisdom Sought
October 20, 2007 10:49PM
Joe said it all, really.

for the money, there is nothing better than a DSR11.

pity they've been discontinued.
i hope the new HDV version is just as reliable.

i never used the little clam-shell decks, but i suspect they wou;dnt be as robust.
if you like small things, though, as much as i do, then you may be interested in this:

the next cheapest option is a never-ending stream of cheap-o cam-corders,

do the sums.
how many cameras add up to a deck?

Re: DV Decks -- Wisdom Sought
October 20, 2007 11:53PM
I help run a lab at a university, we use a mix (very few) of the dvcams, and a whole ton of the clamshells, they work very well and get more than regular traffic. Both are rock solid, and neither of them are "new" we have a few hdv decks and they are all finicky as hell. but no real problems, just making sure the settings are ok. sony's "video walkman" are solid dv decks no doubt in my mind
Re: DV Decks -- Wisdom Sought
October 21, 2007 02:48AM
Thanks very much for your feedback, friends. Yeah, I'd love to get a DSR11 or two. But after ponying up the dough for six iMacs and FCS2 licenses and Firewire drives and cameras... the dean is just gonna go uh-uh. I know, I know... The cost will be the same in the long run as the cameras for capturing die... but he has to recover from this initial round of sticker shock.

Mitchell Rose
Re: DV Decks -- Wisdom Sought
October 21, 2007 11:01AM
just not good for cam heads at all and then its a waste.

show him/her how much avids are!
Re: DV Decks -- Wisdom Sought
October 21, 2007 06:25PM
...and then show him the lost tuition of the two dozen students who will go somewhere else because of the rinky-dink consumer camcorder/decks he's only willing to pony up for.

Kids are pretty darn media savvy.

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