Time Code problems

Posted by Logan6 
Time Code problems
November 28, 2007 05:35PM
I'm editing a project from several SD footage clips imported from MiniDV. One of my "reels" will not work correctly once exported out - the exporting process seems to shift the in and out points about 3 seconds backwards. However, it looks and works fine in the timeline/canvas. Any suggestions?


ALSO: When I use the SLIP EDIT tool - it shows me the actual in and out frames it will render(which is completely different - about 3 seconds backwards than what shows on the timeline canvas)
Re: Time Code problems
November 28, 2007 06:36PM
Exporting to tape or exporting to a file? What's your rig? What versions of all the software?

Re: Time Code problems
November 28, 2007 07:43PM
Exporting to a file - (Quicktime movie using H.264). Dual 2.3 G5. FCP V 6.0 .

However, I don't think it's an exporting issue as I can see the problem when I use the SLIP EDIT tool. When I use the SLIP tool (click down) it divides my Canvas into two screens... right? The in point screen (the one on the left) does not match the in point of that same clip on the timeline. It is off anywhere from 2 to 3 seconds depending on what clip i am having problems with.

Could it be a import gigitizing issue / time code issue?
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