Renting a digibeta/production insurance?

Posted by jwilliam 
Renting a digibeta/production insurance?
January 16, 2008 01:40PM
I'm bidding on a small job; the source tapes are all digibeta, and I'll have to deliver a finished product on digibeta.

Renting a digibeta deck is reasonably easy to do... except for the production insurance part of the equation. I've been getting insurance quotes that are far higher than the cost of renting. Now, the annual cost of production/equipment insurance isn't insanely unreasonable, but it does put this little job's budget out of reach. Looking forward, getting production insurance might be a good idea, but for the moment, it might be a stretch.

One question is: Does anyone have a recommendation for a digibeta digitizing/layback suite in the LA area that I could rent by the hour?

Another question might be where to get a good price for production insurance? Or where (besides Movieola) might be a reasonable place in town to rent a digibeta deck.


Re: Renting a digibeta/production insurance?
January 16, 2008 04:15PM
AlphaDogs in Burbank! No insurance required, just book their "self-serve" suite and show up with the tapes.

As for rentals, Moviola is one of the few rental houses that will just tack-on some extra $$ if you don't have your own insurance. You might also try Visionary Forces in Burbank.


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Re: Renting a digibeta/production insurance?
January 16, 2008 08:17PM
Just talked to Paul over at Alpha Dogs, and that's the perfect solution for this project.

Thanks for the tip!

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