Print To Tape or Pray and Wait?

Posted by DM 
Print To Tape or Pray and Wait?
January 19, 2008 07:07PM
I'm 15 minutes into a project that will have a finished run time somewhere between 40 and 60 minutes. I'm experiencing periodic bouts of out of sync footage. Hit stop/play and then everything is OK. I'm hearing the firewire drive cranking away during playback. I think the system is starting to bogg down. The only weak point that I see in my setup is that my laptop drive only has 12 gigs out of 90 left. A little more than 10% however the only relevant files on it are the program and the project file. See system specs below.

My approach is to create more than one project. Limit each project to about 15 or 20 minutes, then put together my master sequence at the end from the sibling project tabs.

My intention is to print this project directly to tape as I have no need for a DVD and I do not want to recompress (mpeg 2) some of footage that originated on DVD. (I outputted analog and recaptured some stuff). Maybe printing to tape is risky.

My concern is when I put together the final master sequence, the system will bogg down and not run the required time without crapping out, hence screwing the whole deal. th

If I were to output the project to Quicktime as self-contained, full resolution, would this be easier on the system to play back and output to tape? that is, assuming the QT movie will play out the firewire to my deck. This and what other suggestions are possible?


FC Suite 5.1.4
Intel macbook pro 17"
2.1 Intel Core Duo
OS 10.4.11
4 gigs of RAM
Lacie 500 gig Firewire 800 external capture drive, 250 gigs free
23" cinema display via firewire 400 (1 in , 2 out)
Lacie DVD burner via firewire 400
Sony DSR-25 DVCAM deck via firewire 400
(The cinema display cable set attaches to the FW 400 port on the laptop. There must be a hub built into the display as my deck and DVD burner are attached to it.
I'm operating in "clamshell" mode on the laptop. Laptop cover shut, just viewing the 23" display.
Re: Print To Tape or Pray and Wait?
January 19, 2008 07:47PM
That system really shouldn;t be having trouble with projects up to 60 min. A couple of things :

1. >>I'm hearing the firewire drive cranking away during playback<<
A LaCie ... does it make ticking or clicking noises? This could be bad. If the drive fails you are likely to lose all the media stored on it. Try to keep the drive cool, and, even better, get a new drive and transfer the information off it soon.

2. Try removing external equipment and see if performance improves. So - just cut on the laptop with nothing but the keyboard and the LaCie attached. Also try with the LaCie removed altogether, if possible.

3. 12 gigs out of 90 is still in the OK region. Shouldn't really be seeing problems yet.

Re: Print To Tape or Pray and Wait?
January 19, 2008 11:23PM
thx for the reply. I'm kinda leaning toward removing all frills ( cinema display and burner from the 400 buss. Maybe even the deck for the print to tape.
Any opinion about whether I can rely on "print to tape" with such a long project? Maybe I should do the DVD encode route.
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