OT: Migration Assistant - Words of Wisdom?

Posted by CyWar 
OT: Migration Assistant - Words of Wisdom?
January 20, 2008 12:45PM
I'm about ready to transfer all my programs/settings from my older iMac to new iMac. I planning on using the Migration Assistant to move everything, particularly FCP, etc., to the new iMac (4gb ram, 1TB internal HD). I couldn't resist. It looked so darned cool!! Besides, the sales clerk told me I had to buy it after I licked the screen and drooled on the keyboard...... smiling bouncing smiley

Any warnings or words of advice before I jump in and do this? I've already prayed to Baccus and tossed gold coins on the Altar of Apple.......

Regards, Cyrus
iMac 27" Intel i7 Quad-Core; 16GB RAM; 2TB HD
Final Cut Studio, FCP X, Photoshop CS5, After Effects, etc.
Re: OT: Migration Assistant - Words of Wisdom?
January 20, 2008 01:19PM
Works like a charm. I've done it 3 times and so far no problems

Michael Horton
Re: OT: Migration Assistant - Words of Wisdom?
January 20, 2008 06:19PM
Good experiences aside...I personally do not recommend migrating apps from an old machine to a new one. Too much can go wrong. Apps are meant to be installed - not moved. I would fresh install apps that are known compatible to the new rig / OS.

...that's just me, though winking smiley

When life gives you dilemmas...make dilemmanade.

Re: OT: Migration Assistant - Words of Wisdom?
January 20, 2008 08:21PM
I've had mixed results, and I'd go with Joey on the approach to take with your critical apps. I migrated Photoshop recently (along with everything else) and it came across incomplete. I had had the migration hang at one point and had started it over; in many cases I then had two versions of the apps and had to decide which to keep. On the other hand, the first time I used migration assistant, on another set of machines, it went flawlessly.

Keep your important install disks handy, and be prepared to use them. Unfortunately, you can't pick and choose in the migration assistant just which files you want to migrate.

Re: OT: Migration Assistant - Words of Wisdom?
January 21, 2008 04:49AM
Hi all

I have had mixed results too.
I would do a clean install also if your moving from PPC to Intel, it takes longer but your system will be better.
Also before I would re-install your operating system and remove unwanted languages and printer drivers and all the other demo software and programs your not likely to use, you can always add them later.

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