Automate frame cutting?

Posted by rewsio 
Automate frame cutting?
February 20, 2008 05:46PM

I was wondering whether its possible to automate frame cutting in FCP 6? For example I have some 75fps 16mm that I'd like to put back to 25fps, a 300% speed looks horrible, but its fairly labourious tapping through and frame cutting. Anyone use a macro keyboard to do stuff like this?
Re: Automate frame cutting?
February 21, 2008 02:34AM
why does it look horrible?

maybe you haven't rendered it?
maybe you should un-tick the "frame blending" option.

a 300% speed up without frame blending should be exactly the same as cutting out 2 frames in every 3.

another thing to keep an eye on is that you might ask for a 300% speed change,
but depending on the number of frames available, you might not get an exact 300%

to get an exact 300, it helps if the number of frames in the source clip is evenly divided by 3 (or is that 300?)

control or right click in the timecode and duration fields in the timeline and/or canvas, and choose "frames" to see the duration in frames.

hope that helps,
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