P2 Import problems...

Posted by Scott Erickson 
P2 Import problems...
February 22, 2008 11:59AM
OK, copied over all my cards, they're sitting on the drive, but certain clips wont import!

In the status menu, i get the exclamation point stop sign warning. So I right click and then i can say retry/remove. When i retry it, or bring it into the que again, the import bar goes far too fast for the length of clip that it is and then it sits and spins for a bit, and goes back the stop sign warning.

The clip plays back fine in the viewer, is this just a FCP problem? Isn't there some software that rewraps the MXF files directly that i can use? not sure what to do here...kinda sketching me out...

10.4.11 and 6.0.2
Re: P2 Import problems...
February 22, 2008 04:17PM
Shane's Stock Answer #36 - "One or more clips failed to import..."

Very often in the field with this camera the camera operator will delete clips from the P2 card that they just don't like. That is the beauty of this camera. But, the still for that video file (located in the CLIP folder in the CONTENTS folder)...the still that you see when you are in the P2 Import window...is not deleted. So you will see the image, and the name, but the video file would have been deleted.

What you can do it compare the file names in the VIDEO folder and CLIP folder and see if anything is missing. If something is, then you know what the problem is. You can then just import the rest a few at time, skipping that one.

ALSO...in the P2 Import window...in the P2 Browser, there is a little sprocket drop down menu. Click on that and choose PREFERENCES. Uncheck REMOVE PULLDOWN and then try importing again.

ALSO...make sure your file names aren't too long. Try shortening them and see if that works.


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Re: P2 Import problems...
February 26, 2008 03:06PM
Shane's the man...it was file length that was causing the kink....thank you sir
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