Changing Clip Names

Posted by claylyons 
Changing Clip Names
February 24, 2008 01:01PM
I am using FCP 6.0.2, OS X 10.4.11, and QuickTime 7.4.1.

Short Version:

I have renamed all my video clips in a recent project and then selected Rename (File to Match Clip). Unfortunately media manager has held onto to the original file names from the capture.

Long Version:

I captured a bunch of clips and made a preliminary edit. I then started a new project renamed the clips according to their slate names and then I did Rename (File to match Clip). I renamed all media in the first project with the preliminary edit, but I had to connect each clip one by one because the Media Manager was still using the captured clip names. I combined the projects and everything was fine until I reopened it today.


I ended up deleting all the video clips and reimporting them hoping to prevent any future problems with files going offline and then not having the right names. But I still have a sequence I edited that the files have gone offline and Media Manager has kept the older names. Is there a simple way to reconnect without going through clip by clip?

Is there a better way to rename video clips that the Media Manager will recognize?

Thanks So Much,

Re: Changing Clip Names
February 24, 2008 03:36PM
I advise you not to rename, but "create" entire subclips which can be renamed,
still keeping track of the "old" name. Try reconnecting the timeline?

Re: Changing Clip Names
February 24, 2008 05:49PM
It's been a while since I've used subclip on FCP. Does that work? I would expect any subclip rename to track back to its affiliate, right?

I thought the only way out would be to make the subclip an independent clip, then rename. Now I can't recall if you can actually do that...

- Loren
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Re: Changing Clip Names
February 24, 2008 06:41PM
Renaming is NEVER a good idea.

I suggest that if you want to add descriptive information about a clip, use the "comments" column.

As you've discovered, FCP uses the clip name as it's actual file name. If you change that name, you're wrecking havoc on any media management process down the road. Furthermore, if you're in a networked environment with shared storage, your renaming will totally screw up anyone else's media references.

There's a million reasons NOT to rename. Can't think of any good reasons TO rename.

Now you know.

Re: Changing Clip Names
February 24, 2008 07:06PM
I have used the new rename feature for good, not evil on a few occasions.

Mostly when I have been tired, and captured something without renaming, so that it was incorrectly named

In these instances, I just change the name to the correct version in the browser, right click and modify the file name to match my new clip name. Always before I start editing. So far it's worked perfectly.

Re: Changing Clip Names
February 24, 2008 07:44PM
Thanks for the advice,

I think that renaming after I edited was a big source of the problem, but also I can see that renaming might not be such a good idea in general.


Re: configuration error Quartz Extreme Support
February 24, 2008 09:27PM
I am not able to open fcp I get a dialogue box "Configuration Error. This software requires hardware or software which is missing. Quartz Extreme Support. I have tried re-installing Studio One (FCP vers 5.1) but fcp is greyed out. I went ahead and upgraded DVD studio Pro, Soundtrack Pro, Cinema Tools, Compressor, Motion and I still cannot open FCP. What should I do? Should I trash fcp and re-try the install upgrade?

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