Hey SATA guru's..Help!

Posted by Gene Brockhoff 
Hey SATA guru's..Help!
March 05, 2008 12:45PM
I have a 1TB Mac Burly Bay with 4 250 Hitachis. I'm running FCS2 and it's been working fine for 2 years. The drive claims 325 gig's available, but FCP is choking to the point that I can't even write a self contained movie with it. I get a File I/O error. When I open up the QT's from the finder it all seems to play well, but I'm locked up within FCP. When it drops frames FCP tells me that the disk drive speed is too slow. I'm editing a DVCPro 720p project with some HDV and some DV. I'm in a panic as I was just writing the final version for on-lining. I've got it all backed up but what a nightmare that would be to re-build from scratch. Any advice is appreciated although I will be away from the computer Thursday-Tues.
Re: Hey SATA guru's..Help!
March 05, 2008 01:15PM
OK, solved. I had just hooked up a FW800 to a FW800 card separate from any 400 drives, to write the render files to. When FCP played media from the SATA it choked, thus my belief that something was wrong with the SATA, but those files had render files written to the FW800 drive. Once I unhooked the 800 drive the problems disappeared. I'm still not sure why a FW800 drive with render files wouldn't play nice with high speed SATA footage?
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