Shane ross new system setup?

Posted by lkgarza 
Shane ross new system setup?
March 10, 2008 05:45AM
Hey Shane i was wondering on your blog about how you hooked up your old g5 to macpro with ethernet and you got two streams on macpro from media on g5. What kind stream was it, was it dvcpro hd or something else. Could you do a system test to see how fast read write is. Reason i ask is because have been wondering if could use the gig ethernet port on macbook or mac mini with final cut pro with hdv. If the data was dvcpro hd then using the gig ethernet port then was much faster then a firewire 400 port that is availiable on mini or macbook. If this is the case do you know where i could get a harddrive that would hook up direct to macbooks gig ethernet port and work with final cut pro. i know your gonna say get mbp or macpro but already have mini and mb and dont really want to spend the money when pretty much only work with dv and hdv. I have used firewire 400 but its not fast enough to do a 3 shot multiclip.
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