Multi computer setup question

Posted by larkis 
Multi computer setup question
March 17, 2008 03:53PM
I have multiple computers in my home studio and would like to move some of my equipment to another room (perhaps the basement where it's cooler) because there is to much heat being generated right now.

The question I have is about a solution that would let me run final cut along with other software in use in tandem (like modo/lightwave/afterfx) on the computers located in the other room as if the computer was on my desk. Right now i use a DVI switch that switches one of my 30" cinema displays between a quad core and an 8 core mac. Is there a way to have full video access to a computer that is located a few rooms apart so it feels like i'm not using it over the distance ?

I have heard of some DVI over ethernet solutions but do they support 30" displays ? Also, when one of those solutions is used and i'm reading data over ethernet can there be issues with bandwidth used for network storage ?

What is the best setup for situations like this ? I want to have room to grow when i add additional computers as well. I typically work on two computers at the same time, witching to one when a render is going on and animating on another.
Re: Multi computer setup question
March 18, 2008 12:55AM
Not sure if this is the right solution for you, but Apple Remote Desktop (or the free alternative Chicken of the VNC) will allow you to monitor and control those other machines across your home network; Leopard has a similar feature built-in but all your machines need to be running Leopard. Depending on how fast your network is you might be able to run the other machines at or near realtime speed with no delay (or you on gigabit ethernet, or 10/100?) Otherwise you may be looking at DVI extenders and those look really expensive ()


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Re: Multi computer setup question
March 18, 2008 08:31AM
As much as I love ARD and being able to run my studio workstation from home, there is no "realtime speed" with Apple Remote Desktop. You have to reduce the display colors to almost black & white just to get the mouse cursor to move smoothly, video does not display in realtime, etc.

You need a hardware switch box that you plug both machines into that is routed back to your monitor.

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Re: Multi computer setup question
March 18, 2008 10:31AM
Check out: []

They make just about every configuration of extender imaginable.

Sounds like you want to locate your CPU's in another room and just
extend out the keyboards, Mouse, and monitor. (Classic KVM). I'd try that over any kind of remote desktop solution.

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