Uprez DV NTSC to to HD

Posted by chrisrash 
Uprez DV NTSC to to HD
March 19, 2008 12:51AM
When doing the film (16mm) to HD transfer (HDCAM SR), we made an off-line DV-copy of each reel, which we've used to cut the film. Now, the post house where it was done is making us a ProRes copy of each reel at 23.98.

Is the process of uprezzing the 29.97 footage to 23.98 as simple as selecting all of the master clips
in the browser and hitting batch capture? It can't possibly be that simple since the frame rates aren't similar.

If we were just going to uprez the cut sequence, we could just use Cinema Tools. We already have the RAID for the new footage. We'll be capturing through a Kona 2, I believe, on a Mac Pro 8-core.
Re: Uprez DV NTSC to to HD
March 19, 2008 10:21AM

In one sentence you've mixed frame rate, resolution, and format in a way that makes my head spin! (You don't "uprez to 23.98". Uprezzing is a resolution term, not a frame rate reference)
Your biggest issue is the frame rate mismatch. If you cut in a 29.97 timeline, it is no simple task. You have to remove the 2/3 pulldown required to squeeze 24fps into 30fps. If you cut in a 23.98 timeline (best choice) then you just uprez the sequence using your HDCAM sr tapes.

Find someone who's an expert with Cinema tools and have them walk you through the process.

FYI, for the future, have the telecine done to DVCPro HD which can run at 23.98. The file size is not much bigger than DV, and your path to final output will be much easier. Plus, you can screen in HD for any previews.

Good luck.

Re: Uprez DV NTSC to to HD
March 19, 2008 11:15AM
Thanks for replying, Mark. If the Apple ProRes had been around when we started this whole mess, we probably would have just started with that to begin with. But we are where we are, so I have to deal with it.

Yes, I realize all to well the problem that is conflicting frame rates.

I guess the way I should have put it in the first place is: we want to mirror all of the media we have, which is now NTSC, in the new HD format (I believe we're going to capture with Apple ProRes as opposed to DVC ProHD).

We want this transition to the 23.98 footage to be easy, but I know there's no way that's going to happen. We have a ton of subclips (I know, subclips are evil) and I'm afraid that those subclips are no longer going to reconnect to the new HD material because of the different frame rates.

One idea I had was to lay each clip (or subclip) from the browser into the timeline, run it through Cinema Tools to remove the pulldown, and capture the HD footage from that.
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