So Many Choices.........

Posted by Doc Bernard 
So Many Choices.........
April 03, 2008 08:01PM
Well, after starving myself on Top Ramen, and selling a bunch of my audio toys, I am finally in the market for an HD camera.

I am looking for something in the range of 2,500-3,500ish. I have been looking at a bunch of different brands and models, but focusing on the HV1U, HD110, FX1/7, Z1U, HVX200. Even a used one would work, so that would bring the price down a bit.

Got any advice? I want to be able to put a Redrock DOF on it at a later date. Tell me what you have (if it is in that price range). Tell me what you like about it, and what you wish it had.

Primary use for the camera: Music Video, Documentary, maybe a movie.

Oh, must be fully compatible with FCS log/capture, I hear DVCPro has some issues.

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Re: So Many Choices.........
April 03, 2008 11:11PM
i love my hvx and would choose it over ALL the other cameras you mention (and not just because they shoot HDV or AVCH or whatever that other format is called)

if by DVCPro you mean DVCProHD - NOPE. FCP LOVES IT!! passionately! and so does aftereffects. i have had zero problems with it or the tapeless p2 workflow.

i say if you can bear ramen for another grand or grand and a half savings, that the HVX is a superb choice! if you shop around you can probably find a new one with the free rebate 16ig card for give or take $5k

if i were going to buy a 35mm adapter today. id probably buy the letus extreme. i have the brevis and i like it quite a bit, but i dont care for the way it mounts. its fast and very easy but i find the end result a little too "imprecise" but keep in mind, there is a LOT more to an adapter situation than just the adapter. you NEED a rails setup AND a follow focus. not to mention LENSES. it adds up quick. my bare bones brevis+ mount+rails+follow focus+3 lenses was a bit over $3000. and thats a very basic setup...
Re: So Many Choices.........
April 04, 2008 03:25AM
Wait until after NAB. Perhaps Red's "Scarlet" will be in your budget. A used HVX would be in your budget, but new ones are around $4000-$5000 aren't they?

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Re: So Many Choices.........
April 04, 2008 03:00PM
Do wait until after NAB, but don't expect SCARLET to be ready...

I too like the HVX-200. But the Sony ZU1 is an OK camera, and the EX1 is pretty darn good too. But the HVX and EX1 are in the 5k to 6k range.


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Re: So Many Choices.........
April 05, 2008 05:19AM
hey there

any thoughts about the Sony HVR-Z7 ?

real progressive HDV - (even 1080p) - interchangeable lens - 1/3 inch CMOS Sensors

yes DvcPro HD is better (color space, compression ...), but the P2 workflow for a lonely documentary maker is heavy, and it is over priced in Pal version !!!

so, assuming that you would convert the Hdv as ProRes when capturing* ...what about that Z7 ??

*(not a frame of Hdv on my Hard drives !)

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Re: So Many Choices.........
April 05, 2008 03:22PM
Okay, what's the deal with this "Scarlet" camera. I try to google it, and I get a tiny picture of one. No specs, nada info.

Anyone want to clue me in a bit? Stop teasing me. LOL
Re: So Many Choices.........
April 05, 2008 03:43PM
Its a new camcorder from the Red folks. Pocket size cam and maybe 2 or 4k is all anyone knows.

It will be revealed at NAB

Michael Horton
Re: So Many Choices.........
April 06, 2008 09:23PM
To reiterate the wise ones = wait for NAB. It is foolish to purchase anything right before NAB because that's when new products / price drops are announced. You can even find a really good deal on the show floor.

FWIW... HVX200 = "wow" footage.

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Re: So Many Choices.........
April 06, 2008 10:07PM
On the show floor, huh? sad smiley too bad, I am not going, not invited LOL. But I am going to hold off, as the great ones have suggested. Maybe someone here will get a better camera there and offer me a great deal on an HVX. Hint, hintwinking smiley
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