Copying keyframes

Posted by levinhatz 
Copying keyframes
June 03, 2008 01:40PM
Hi everybody,

Is there a way to copy a set of keyframes that one has made for one clip and apply them to another clip? (useful for if you are trying to create a motion effect and apply it to several different clips)

I am running the following system:
Final Cut Studio 2 with FCP 6.0.0
OSX 10.5

Thanks for your help,
Re: Copying keyframes
June 03, 2008 01:49PM
You can copy a clip and paste its attributes to another. That will take all the keyframes for the pasted parameters. You cannot selectively choose a group of keyframes to copy and paste.
Re: Copying keyframes
June 03, 2008 02:12PM
While you're on the subject of copying keyframes, I'm wondering how what the process is for copying keyframes in Motion?

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Re: Copying keyframes
June 03, 2008 03:56PM
In Motion you can copy and paste keyframes easily. In the keyframe editor you can choose any single or group of keyframes and use command c and command v. They work as you would hope.

My favorite way tho, is using the inspector and layers tab. If you want to copy the keyframes from one object to another, pick the source object in the layers tab. In the inspector grab the name of the perimeter you want to copy, for example position, and drag and drop it on the layer you want to target. Much easier to do than explain. Very Mac like and intuitive.

There are other ways as well. For example you can drag a keyframe curve to your favorites bin, then use that as a source to drag to other objects.

Another cool trick is to drop a custom parameter behavior on an object before you keyframe. Make your keyframe changes in the behavior. Now you can copy this to other layers, scale and move it in time, save as a favorite for future use. Very cool.

Probably others I can't remember right now as well.

Re: Copying keyframes
June 03, 2008 07:33PM
Nice Motion Tips Vance. Didn't know #2 or #3.
Mike? Tips o' the week?

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Re: Copying keyframes
June 04, 2008 02:49PM
[They work as you would hope. ]

Hopefully that functionality will migrate to FCP itself. At least make the blue KF indicators in the time graph copy/pastable.

- Loren
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