P2 media - audio out of sync issue.

Posted by Logan6 
P2 media - audio out of sync issue.
June 20, 2008 05:41PM
I am having a audio sync issue which I see only on my exported movies. It becomes more apparent as the playhead gets further into that long 12 minute clip that was on the timeline. (I start noticing it around 6-7 minutes and it gets progressively worse.) I do not notice this while working in FCP either in the clip or on the timeline. Only after I have exported the movie. I've tried a number of different exports (DVD, Quicktime, 30fps, 24 fps, etc. etc.) and it's still there - i even burned a SD DVD and it's still there.

MY concern is that I did not import the P2 media correctly off of the card because I see I get some weird timecode 60 frame/second thing while viewing the clip in FCP. Also, I can only see the even or odd frames as I step through. Should have I checked that little box that says "remove unneccesary frames" while importing the P2 media? What can I do now to fix the problem?

Camera: HVX200. 32 GB card. Shot at 720 24pn.

FCP 6.0. Mac G5. To play it safe... I had my clip dictate my sequence settings when I dragged it over. So FCP made my sequence settings and they are:

Frame Size: 960x720 (HD 960x720)(16:9) aspect ratio and an HD (960x720) Pixel Aspect Ratio
Editing Timebase 23.98
Compressor: DVCPRO HD 720p60

Thank you for your help.
Re: P2 media - audio out of sync issue.
June 20, 2008 06:04PM

If I watch the clip in the Viewer my time code jumps two frames twice and then three frames. And it goes from 0-60 frames.

In the timeline I can step 1 timecode frame at a time up to 24 frames.

I also have the Timecode Reader filter on.
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