First time in LA,

Posted by Antonio Hui 
First time in LA,
August 14, 2008 01:51PM
Hi all.

I'm happy & exciting since I'm in LA at the moment !!! The is my first time been here and have chance to show up my work to public in SIGGRAPH 2008.

HOWEVER, I'm not quite happy with their event management.

My question is, other than the SIGGRAPH community, any good community, conference, film festival, contest is good to contribute ?

I do know the first answer is LAFCPUG=) then Apple WWCC, so what's else??

Any suggestion is welcome. Many Thanks !

Antonio Hui
Re: First time in LA,
August 14, 2008 11:04PM
hey, Antonio.

when i visited LA a few years back, i went to the Cinematheque, where they had a 70mm festival going on.
bad news is i missed Patton, and had to watch Hello Dolly!

there was another great cinema that was showing "This is Cinerama".
that was near where the Lafcpug meets used to be.
Mike would probably know it.

i had a great time staying in Santa Monica and Venice.
sea breeze is always good for you!

Re: First time in LA,
August 14, 2008 11:16PM
Hi Antonio

Welcome to LA

Probably to late to show your work anywhere unless you are here for several months. You cant just walk into a place and hand them a tape and say show this. smiling smiley

If you are here Aug 27 come to lafcpug. I'll try to make room on the agenda for you to show your work. As long as it is short and sweet and you are proud of it.


Michael Horton
Re: First time in LA,
August 17, 2008 12:34PM
Thanks Michael & Nick,

Aug 27 ? Thanks for your offer. But, I leaved LA yesterday and stay in San Francisco for 3 weeks then back home (Hong Kong).

In fact, my work should be sweet: Journey of a one man story to made the interactive+panoramic+HDR+timelapse become part of the full dome movie production...

I will try to asking the permission for let me show the demo on the internet. (Hopefully Yes)

Antonio Hui
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