OT: ClipWrap

Posted by Michael Horton 
OT: ClipWrap
August 19, 2008 04:41PM
Anyone seen this?


Rewraps - doesn't transcode
ClipWrap rewraps the video samples from your existing m2t files without re-encoding them. This means blazingly fast convert speeds and no image degradation.

Automatic format detection
ClipWrap speaks m2t so you don't have to. It automatically parses the file's format and chooses the proper output format, so there's no hassle trying to determine the proper settings (frame rate, image size, gamma levels, etc).

Full timecode support
Timecode is recreated in the new QuickTime movie, so you can recapture from tape later if necessary.

Supports all m2t formats
Now you're not limited to specific HDV cameras, you can rest assured your m2t files will be compatible with FCP when it comes time to edit.

Automatically recombines spanned files
If your direct to disk recorder splits files every 4GB, ClipWrap automatically detects these spanned clips and will recombine them into a single seamless QuickTime movie.

Those of you smarter than me, what's your take?

Michael Horton
Re: OT: ClipWrap
August 19, 2008 05:30PM
This is super cool and at 49 bucks - a steal -- huge timesaver - and the firestore option is amazing - taking all those broken files and making them one - that alone is worth it.
Re: OT: ClipWrap
August 19, 2008 06:21PM
Holy ca-rrrrrap, Mike! Really nice find. Keeps embedded TC as well. $49.00 very well spent.

...this is me...emailing my Supervisor the link grinning smiley

When life gives you dilemmas...make dilemmanade.

Re: OT: ClipWrap
August 19, 2008 06:23PM
I can't check it out until tomorrow, but does anybody know if it works with program streams, or is it just for transport streams?

Stupid MPEG, being so complicated.

Re: OT: ClipWrap
August 20, 2008 02:35AM
I dunno. I just don't get this. Doesn't FCP already do this? Or is this specific to tape and not compact flash cards and log and transfer?

Michael Horton
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