HDV multiclip- Does it work?

Posted by paul kelleher 
HDV multiclip- Does it work?
August 25, 2008 01:44PM
Hey all-

I have an upcoming project to be shot w/ multiple cameras ( sony HDV). I intend to capture HDV via firewire and edit on a prores timeline to get to standard def DVD out.

1. Does multiclip and HDV work ( how about on a prores timeline?)
2. Will my Dual 2.66 Macpro choke on it? ( 3GB ram now- how much do I need?)
probably 3 cams ( no effects, just cam switching and dissolves, maybe some stills and lower thirds)




PS (Excellent Ken stone article on HDV to DVD at:
Re: HDV multiclip- Does it work?
August 26, 2008 12:38AM
Disclaimer: I'm not one of the "hard hitters" so consider the source... On the other hand, I've been around a bit and I think I know what the machines are doing.

Multiclip and HDV sounds like a recipe for disaster to me. "Native" HDV wants a lot of horsepower, so does Multiclip. But if you have access to a fast hard drive array, I'm betting you could cut a ProRes 422 multiclip pretty easily. If you have problems, they'll probably be disk speed-related since ProRes needs 3-4 times the bandwidth for playback.

I did something similar to what you propose a few months back, but I did in on a 2.5GHz G5 dualie and a 4-drive SATA RAID 0. Clearly, I lived to tell the tale... ;-)
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