Finder not telling the right free space ?

Posted by Francois-Michel 
Finder not telling the right free space ?
September 05, 2008 11:33PM
Hey what's up everyone at LAFCPUG,
Something weird happening here.

Situation&Explanation :

Im working on a show that is filmed with the SONY PMW-EX1 camera. As you guys know this camera is using SxS cards ( wich are very too expensive by the way ).

The production crew have to transfer the DATA from cards on an external HARD DRIVE which is a '' G RAID2 1TB''.

Than a guy come at the post-house (where i work) with the ''G RAID'' and i have to transfer the DATA on a external RAID '' 2 seagate 1TB 7200rpm hard drive stripped in a raid set'' those 2 drives are each in a metal case, i mean they are as i call ''hot swappable''.

Problem :

Yesterday i had to do the transfer as the guy came at my work saying that his drive ''G RAID'' was almost full, in fact there was 60GB left on it. I advised him about letting at least 10% free space on any drive that he use, but thats a side comment here is the weird part.

I plugged the G RAID in a MAC PRO than insert the RAID stripped set in the external tower which is connected,of course, to the same MAC PRO.

I opened the G RAID, select all the folders in it and draged all those folders in the RAID stripped set. Piece of cake as i do that kind of operation a lot of time in a week.
This morning my boss told me that i didn't transfered all the data the night before because on our RAID there was about 350GB of DATA and on the G RAID there was 60GB left on a 1TB Space so doing the calculation there was missing about 600GB of data.

I opened the G RAID drive and check one folder by one the used space. Than i compared it with the RAID i had did the transfer on...guess what perfect match. I did transfered all the data but all the data mean about 350GB...why is the finder telling me that the G RAID have only 60GB left.

I had an idea. I relaunched the finder with the G RAID and our RAID plugged and guess what...suddenly the finder tell me that the G RAID have about more than 500GB left of free space. Now everything make sense in term of free space and the data i transfered but my boss and the guys at the production started to buzz about data loss.

Is anyone know why the finder at first didnt told me the right free space on the G RAID ?

Thx in advance.
Re: Finder not telling the right free space ?
September 06, 2008 03:34AM
Maybe not directly related, but...

On a nice new Mac Pro Intel tower I am also seeing odd delays in file appearance.

At a client's cutting room we reconnected a bunch of audio files. They didn't seem to connect! We tried several times. Each time FCP found the file on the media drive, but they remained red-lined. We gave up and attended to other issues.

Lo and behold,many minutes later-- the files show up in the Browser and in the timeline as reconnected.


Footnote: every file in this example contained both a slash-divided date and a dot, named thus by client. So I'm thinking every file we tried to connect was first having an argument with the Unix layer before deciding to show up!

Anyone else getting anomalous file delays like this? Traced to what?

- Loren
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