Time code issues in HDV

Posted by Stacee_Hawkins 
Time code issues in HDV
September 19, 2008 04:21PM
The basics: Power Mac G5 with OSX 10.5.5, 2 GB DDR SDRAM, Final Cut 6.0.4, with Easy Setup HDV 1080i60. I'm using a Sony HVR-Z1U camera and M1U deck.

I'm having trouble digitizing HDV footage, both from the camera and the deck. Each time I change shots (in other words, when I've stopped and started the record button on the camera) Final Cut acts like it has detected a time code break, and starts a new clip. It indicates one missing frame. For example, the media out of clip 1 may be 00:00:01:01, and clip 2's media in is 00:00:01:03. Yet, when I play back the tape frame by frame, I see a frame labeled 00:00:01:02. I had a similar problem previously with an SD record.

Is this a setup issue, a computer issue, or a camera issue?

Re: Time code issues in HDV
September 19, 2008 04:37PM
Pretty sure it's none of the above. It's a feature. There's a checkbox you can toggle to turn off new-clip-at-DV-stop-start.

Re: Time code issues in HDV
September 19, 2008 09:23PM
Which menu is that under? In the User Preferences menu, General tab, I see a place to select how FCP will handle a time code break (abort, warn after capture, create new clip). But, I don't see what you're describing.
Re: Time code issues in HDV
September 20, 2008 02:31AM
IIRC Its in the HDV Log and Capture window itself
Re: Time code issues in HDV
September 20, 2008 09:40AM
Yes, found it! Hooray, it solved most of my problem! One of the two tapes I shot Thursday with my camera now captures just fine, as does the tape I shot with a friend's HVR-Z1U on Friday. The other tape I shot Thursday has a different issue. It seems to have recorded no audio or video and only intermittent time code. That sounds like a camera problem, right?
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