Apple ProRes codec

Posted by Diego Rivera 
Apple ProRes codec
December 04, 2008 12:14PM
Hi all,

Please I need some help!!!!

I captured some HDCAM material with Apple ProRes 422 setting. When editing, I can work in the preview mode but when I render, suddenly many of the clips that I rendered seem to change and are replaced with material that I wasn't using before.

I tried to erase the preferences of Final cut but this problem kept happening.
I tried to erase my render files and re-render them but it didn't work

Any ideas on why this could be happening?

Thanks a bunch
Re: Apple ProRes codec
December 04, 2008 12:48PM
Last time this happened to me I was working with an Uncompressed 10-bit SD codec on a NASCAR spot. I'd make edits in the Viewer and cut them into the timeline, and the minute a render happens, the whole clip shifts wildly, with no consistency (ie. a shift of 25 whole seconds on one clip, and a shift of 10 seconds on another).

If I remember correctly, the assistant editor mis-set the Capture settings so that the input signal was coming through SDI but the Device Control was FireWire (!), or something like that. (Don't quote me on those settings -- this was months ago). I ended up offlining in DV codec with new captured clips, then recapturing only selects using AJA Kona 2 525 10-bit 29.97fps presets, and then manually re-conforming the edits. Didn't even use Media Manager because the timecodes were all over the place and we didn't have the time to keep implementing uncertain solutions.

I have no idea if your situation's the same, but you should try recapturing one problematic clip and use an HDCam setting. See if the problem goes away.
Re: Apple ProRes codec
December 04, 2008 03:27PM
I've run into similar situations and it has always come down to 'bad' media. For me sometimes it was captured media and once it was an apparent bug using Episode on a Mac Pro to transcode clips into DVCPro HD. They played back fine, but once you did something in the timeline that required rendering the 'bad' clips would show the wrong video.

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