Edgecode burn for FCP

Posted by baileykev 
Edgecode burn for FCP
April 10, 2009 12:38PM
Hello All,

I am looking for a filter that will burn edge code. Just like the timecode generator, but for edge code.

Anyone have one or know where to find one?


Re: Edgecode burn for FCP
April 10, 2009 05:45PM
Where would the edge code be coming from exactly- is it already in your file somehow? Typically that's window-burned in during the telecine.


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Re: Edgecode burn for FCP
April 10, 2009 05:59PM
the telecine only did flash burns on the slate. I am trying to check cut lists but I have no way to know what frame is what after the slate.

In FX Script can the key number column from the browser be shown?
Re: Edgecode burn for FCP
April 11, 2009 04:24AM
You could use the timecode generator.


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