colors change exporting stills from fcp to photoshop

Posted by Juka 
colors change exporting stills from fcp to photoshop
April 28, 2009 01:01AM
Ken Stone wrote me that there is a thread about this problem in this forum but I cannot seem to find it.
I am working in Hdv and DVC Pro my end-products are video installations in art institutions. I also work with stills exported from the fcp timeline which I rework in Photoshop. I always had a
problem with the different colors of the same still in fcp and
photoshop but since HD this problem has gotten totally out of hand and
I can't seem to find any articles about that. I understand that the
programs seem to work with different gamma value but that doesn't
solve the problem. Exporting out of fcp and importing into Photoshop
seems to make the colors much less natural, skin colors become orange
any kind of light color tint becomes extreme... I've been searching
the net for a solution, but I cannot find any good advice about that
so I would be very grateful for any hint.

I work on a intel laptop 2.5 Ghz, OX 10.5.5, 4 gig ram, fcp 6.04, photoshop CS 4 (last one without glossy screen)
and a powerbook 1.67, OX 10.4.9, 2 gig ram, fcp 5.14, photoshop cs2
Re: colors change exporting stills from fcp to photoshop
April 30, 2009 05:55AM
Well I have had this problem and its all to do with the colour space each program uses.
In Photoshop it should be Adobe 1998 RGB
Also your using a laptop screen not good for viewing also in fcp no external monitor so very hard to judge gamma.
What is your photoshop colour space set to?

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