FCP Capture ????

Posted by Delphinus 
FCP Capture ????
May 13, 2009 12:58PM
For all the years I have used FCP, captured media has been stored in the Capture folder on the designated drive, as well as render files in the Render folder. Now, they seem to be captured in a folder called Final Cut Documents, which includes its own set of Capture, Autosave and Render folders. I don't seem to be able to circumvent this folder capturing my media, autosaves and renders. Any idea why new media I am digitizing or rendering is going to the Final Cut Documents folder instead of the separate Capture, Autosave and Render folders on my harddrive? Strangely enough, I trashed the Final Cut Pro Documents folder, thinking that FCP would now read te individual folders on my harddrive. However, I had a crash and could not find my Autosave file until I opened the Autosave folder in Final Cut Documents in the trash, and there it was.
Re: FCP Capture ????
May 13, 2009 01:32PM
SURE you can circumvent this. Go into the SYSTEM SETTINGS and tell FCP where you want to cpature this footage. YOU dictate where this footage goes. When you don't, then FCP defaults to the DOCUMENTS folder on your system drive, and makes a folder called FINAL CUT PRO DOCUMENTS that contain the folders. This is normal.

Now go tell FCP what you want it to do. It will obey like a well trained hound.


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Re: FCP Capture ????
May 13, 2009 08:39PM
benehmen Sie sich! FCP benehmen Sie sich!


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