Sound TC disappeared from database when I reverse telecined

Posted by Kathy LR 
Sound TC disappeared from database when I reverse telecined
June 15, 2009 05:43PM
Hi all -

Ok - so all has been well for 8 shoot days - till day 9.

I am working on a feature that is shot super16mm, telecined and transferred to DV-cam with flex file. I have been importing the flex thru Cinema tools, exporting as XML, and then importing to FCP, and then batch digitizing into a 29.97 project. Then I reverse telecine into 23.98 project to cut.

On day 9 dailies, I noticed when I reverse telecine the clips into the 23.97 project - the sound t/c column says "none". Checking back in the 29.97 project, the sound t/c is there!

Needless to say, without that sound t/c in it's column, I cannont sync the split tracks with TC. I have to do it the old-fashioned way of marking stix which takes forever.

Where is the T/C??? Any thoughts?

When I did a test, basically reimporting the flex, I got the right result - Sound T/C in both 29.97 project and 23.98 project - but that means I will have to go back and reimport flex and re-digitze 4 days of dailies!

Did some setting go askew for Days 9 - 12? Any feedback appreciated!
Re: Sound TC disappeared from database when I reverse telecined
June 17, 2009 09:48AM

It's a bit difficult to explain, but I try.
Finally there is no Sound TC in any of those files as you probably captured them as AV files.
With the first capture thru the CT XML the Sound TC entry comes from the XML metadata.
If you now finally create new movies by the reverse telecine process there is no process of the metadata in most cases.
You can re-enter them within an XML which might look like a nightmare for you, but can be very fast if you know how to do.
The other option is to create a new AUX TC track which uses the audio TC and roll. That's pretty fast.
The bad thing about the traditional workflow with FLex files and an offline tape is that audio and video comes within one file and one TC track.
Workflow would be much better if video and audio comes in two different files (or even more, depending on the amount of audio channels).
But most of the transfer houses not yet have arrived at the second step of digital age.


Some workflow tools for FCP []
TitleExchange -- juggle titles within FCS, FCPX and many other apps.
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