FCP Project Won't Launch - Multiclip Issue??

Posted by Michael Michael 
FCP Project Won't Launch - Multiclip Issue??
September 05, 2009 05:36PM
I have a FCP project that fails to launch. I worked on it last night and it ran fine. Today when I try to launch it, it opens to about 40% and then abruptly quits.

I have tried launching it with the media drives disconnected, same problem. (so I assume that it is not a corrupt media issue)

I have repaired permissions and trashed the prefs. Same problem.

I have launched other projects. They open fine.

I have tried to launch earlier versions of the show from the autosave vault. They all fail to launch... EXCEPT going back about 24 hours. A version from yesterday morning will launch.

So my best guess is that something I did midday yesterday is making FCP very unhappy.

The only thing I can think of is that I did some multiclip work within the project beginning around that time. Why that would poison the show is beyond me.

Anyone know a way that I can launch the show and not lose a whole day's work?

FCP 6.0.5

OS 10.5.7


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