Image Resizing itself !

Posted by Glenn 
Image Resizing itself !
October 13, 2009 11:58PM
At first, I thought I had a bug, but not every project is behaving the same way. Perhaps there's a preference set wrong? After I finish a Sequence and it plays perfectly when I return to it later many of the images have repositioned themselves. Mostly the "center" is off and also the "scale" has shifted, not all clips, but several go to 58% or 62% after they were edited at 100%. I'm new at this. Running FCP 6, OS 10.4, G5. Any thoughts?
Re: Image Resizing itself !
October 14, 2009 12:35AM
All I can think of is...

Pay attention to what you're really manipulating. You may think you're scaling a Timeline affiliate when you're not. It possible to have a clip loaded in Viewer which you've just edited into the Timeline and you go back to the Viewer to scale or animate that instead of doubleclicking to load the Timeline affiliate into the Viewer to keyframe photomotion there.

Pay attention to keyframes. You may think you're scaling at the beginning of the clip when in fact the value at the beginning is different from the keyframe you actually scaled. (The value you set may still be in the clip, but not at the beginning. Check it out.)

- Loren

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