conforming audio

conforming audio
October 19, 2009 07:33PM
I have an issue with a project I'm currently working on that I hope there's an answer to. I have a movie edited together with clips using a scratch track for production audio, but the audio that I want to be in the final version of the movie exists on separate WAV files with different timecode. I have already gone and synced up the dalies for my movie with the good audio from the WAV files, creating erged clips. What I want to know is; whether there's a way to seamlessly replace all the clips in my timeline with the new merged clips. I'm hoping to avoid having to replace every last clip in the movie, one by one doing a timecode match to the merged clips, but I fear this may be the only option. I'd be thrilled to hear of an alternate solution.

Re: conforming audio
October 20, 2009 01:52AM
bad news, i'm afraid.
there's no real way to easily replace the old clips with the new ones.

it will pretty much be a manual replace.

there are ways to automate the process.
i have done a fair bit of that using QuicKeys (a macro application)
it's still slow and arduous, but not as slow and arduous as doing it completely manually.

the process i've used involves a series of macros that do a search & replace based on the picture TC.
this often means you have to do one reel at a time, unless you have less than 25 reels,
and have been diligent in incrementing the Hr code every reel.

also, remember your picture cuts don't necessarily match your audio cuts.

write back if you want more info.

Re: conforming audio
October 20, 2009 02:33AM
hey, michael,

there may be a solution.
check this out this XML based app called "FCPConnect":

you should write to Bouke, (the maker) and ask if it'll do what you need.

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