Sata card and Snow Leopard

Posted by Francois-Michel 
Sata card and Snow Leopard
November 05, 2009 03:28PM
Hi guys,
There is probably already a post somewhere about that if so just re-direct me there if not here is my problem.

I installed Snow Leopard on a brand new drive. Than i put that drive in my MacPro in the Bay#2 so i have the choice to boot from that drive or the Leopard drive in the Bay#1. I ran some test with Snow leopard and everything worked perfeclty. I pluged my Sata Tower in my Macpro than opened Final Cut 7 and as soon as i started to do some work with files on that tower everything stoped than i got the ''chinese screen of death'' when the only thing you can do is a Hard shutdown from the front panel of your Mac...which i did.

I unplugged my tower, restarted the Mac and everything was running good than i opened final cut 7 again ( without the tower plugged ) and it was working perfectly.

I have the lates driver for my CalDigit Fasta-4 (2.0.3)but maybe i should do something more to be sure that everything is compatible.

Is it a known problem ? with Sata Card on Snow Leopard ?

Thx in advance guys.
Re: Sata card and Snow Leopard
November 05, 2009 07:26PM

We have a new BETA Snow Leopard Driver, 2.0.4 for your Legacy FASTA-4e card, contact me on my e-mail & I'll get that to you.

11/06/09 Update, Francois is set, if anyone else needs the Snow Leopard Beta Drivers for FASTA-4e cards, FASTA-2e cards or FASTA-1ex cards, please contact me & we'll be happy to square you away. Also the latest releases of ANY CalDigit drivers can always be found on the support section of our website, here: []
Re: Sata card and Snow Leopard
December 22, 2009 09:33PM
I see that you called it legacy FASTA-4e 4 card?
Is there a newer version.
Also are the new drivers ok to use with Snow leopard 10.6.2
Have not installed the card since using Snow leopard heard lots of bad stories online,
Re: Sata card and Snow Leopard
January 03, 2010 04:16PM
Same thing with me. Is there a place I can download the driver for my Sata Card.

I cannot get my drive to connect after installing Snow Leopard. Naturally, I asked Apple about this first and they assured me it would be fine with the drivers I had already installed.

Second Issue - Hope it's OK that I ask here:

I'm also unable to save my FCP 7 files as Final Cut files - they keep reverting to Final Cut Express - and do not give me the option to save as FCP. (My FCP 7 files appear as FCE files for some reason on my desktop as well)

Can I simply uninstall FCE and expect FCP to work again? Please advise - and thanks for the help.
Re: Sata card and Snow Leopard
January 04, 2010 12:08PM
I was wondering if you had any links to drivers for SATA on Snow Leopard. I have reformatted my drive and the driver I had originally installed does not work.
thanks for your help.
Re: Sata card and Snow Leopard
January 04, 2010 08:12PM
Caldiget has a link to drivers on there site, but i have not tried them yet.
If you do let me know


Driver v2.1.0 for Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard (32-bit & 64-bit) SnowLeopard
Re: Sata card and Snow Leopard
January 05, 2010 05:44AM
Thanks. Will do!
Re: Sata card and Snow Leopard
January 15, 2010 04:26AM
Did you ever try the drivers out?
Re: Sata card and Snow Leopard
January 15, 2010 07:29AM
I was off shooting and finally got around to it yesterday.
It's mounted - and working.
So, many thanks for your help.
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