xml export questions

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xml export questions
December 02, 2009 03:19PM
i'm working between two different workstations with two different versions of
fcp on them, one v5, the other v6. it's fine when opening a v5 project on v6,
but v5 won't open a v6 project. for this i've been looking at using xml exports
to move the projects. could someone help me out procedurally with this process?

i'll give an example to illustrate something that has me confused. maybe someone
would be so good as to help me understand this behavior.

my v6 project has, say, two sequences named '1080p' and '1080p nest,' with
the latter being a nest of the former. if i export each as an xml, i can import
them into a new project on v5 without issue. the behavior that has me confused
is this: if i have both the imported '1080p' and '1080p nest' sequences open in
my new v5 project, i'd expect that if i double-click the nested media on the
imported '1080p nest' sequence to switch my view to the, already open, '1080p'
sequence tab in my timeline. it does not. instead, it opens a new tab with the
same name, '1080p,' and seemingly the same material as the original '1080p'

should i not have exported the sequences, but, rather, the entire project? if
that's something that can be done, i didn't know it when i started playing with all

in looking at the item properties for the sequences, there is very little helpful
info like there would be for a media file; i'm thinking of path info here. the above
described behavior produces a master sequence seemingly from nowhere.

how do i avoid this situation of having a nested sequence linked to a master
sequence that comes out of nowhere, while i have a master sequence on my
timeline that, while it should be linked to the nest, is not, and seems to exist
wholly on its own?

trying to get a handle on this so i don't get a huge mess down the road as there
will likely be a lot of moving of projects between these stations soon. most of
what i've seen so far in the manual pertains to sync between video and audio
rather than sequences.

in a nutshell, i guess my question boils down to: is there a guide somewhere that
explains the linking relatrionships of media, sequences, nested sequences, and
the browser?

Re: xml export questions
December 02, 2009 10:17PM
should i not have exported the sequences, but, rather, the entire project?

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