FCP to Compressor

Posted by Adage12 
FCP to Compressor
December 06, 2009 07:31PM
Hi: Is it better to bring a QT file to compressor or send it direct from the timeline? I noticed that when I sent my footage from timeline to compressor the footage slowed down at one part. When I brought it in as a QT it was flawless. Any suggestions?

Re: FCP to Compressor
December 06, 2009 07:45PM
I personally always make self contained QTs to send out, mainly as a backup in case the project collapses, or gets messed up by someone else, or changes significantly and we want to go back to an earlier cut.

It theoretically shouldn't really matter either way, although I think I've heard others say that it's a much slower process going out right from the timeline.

Re: FCP to Compressor
December 06, 2009 09:42PM
I should mention the footage slowed down when I previewed it in the preview. The QT file played without any problem but the footage I sent from the timeline slowed down for a few seconds. I had no problem sending the footage to compressor.

Re: FCP to Compressor
December 06, 2009 11:43PM
So is the question 'is this broken?'

I think the answer is probably 'yes'. It sounds like your system needs its preferences trashed.

The answer to 'does it make a difference how you send to Compressor?' is 'not really'.

Re: FCP to Compressor
December 07, 2009 09:36AM
Thanks for the response. By system you mean something in my OS or a preference in FCP?
Re: FCP to Compressor
December 07, 2009 10:46AM
In general, a SCQT is the fastest way to go with Compressor. It's not always the highest quality tho. When you make a SCQT, you lock yourself into the codec of that sequence, such as DVCProHD or HDV. So if you're going to compress to DVD or Web, your compressing from a compressed source. This doesnt matter soo much if your sequence is primarily straight video footage but if you have a lot of graphics or pics or effects, it makes a huge difference as both of those codecs aren't ideal for that sort of material.

When you export through Compressor, err now Send to Compressor, Compressor always goes to the source media when it compresses. So if its a Motion project, a high-res JPEG, or an AE export with transparency, it looks at that source, not your sequence-compressed render files. Also, when FCP processes filters and effects, it works in 4:4:4 space and then into the codec you compress to. So the upshot is, I export all my final master sequences to ProRes and get the very best of my source material and of FCP's processing. Then i make my deliverables from that.

I know this isnt important to everyone but I think too many people discount exporting from Compressor because it's too slow. It's slow for a reason and sometimes, that's a good reason.
Re: FCP to Compressor
December 07, 2009 11:18AM
Thanks for the info Scott. Because it brings me to another question. My project is a :30 second ad with the ususal color bars and slates. The format is DV. The thing is I wanna send an FTP of the spot from Compressor and I feel the QT that I make from FCP and bring it into Compressor is of much better quality then the one I send from timeline. So should I stick with the QT?

Re: FCP to Compressor
December 07, 2009 06:21PM
If its DV and your sequence is DV then there shouldn't be ay quality difference whatsoever. But if you feel one looks better, then go with that.

Re: FCP to Compressor
December 07, 2009 11:47PM
Make sure Everything is rendered and audio is Mixed Down
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