OT: Power draw for a Quad & Octo Core intel Mac's

Posted by DCA_Film 
OT: Power draw for a Quad & Octo Core intel Mac's
January 22, 2010 05:09PM
Hey all,

I know this is not a FCP question:

Does anyone know how many amps a new G5 Intel Quad Xenon, and a 8 core Nathaleon pulls when its running AND when it starts up?

I have looked on the apple site, and can't find any specs. I have googled it with little luck too.

We have had 3 UPS die recently in this lovely weather in LA a few ugly brown outs.

I am wanting to get away from the home models and move to a beefier rack mount one (2), so I have been asked for the voltage and amperage of them.

Any suggestion would be great!

Thanks in advance!

Re: OT: Power draw for a Quad & Octo Core intel Mac's
January 22, 2010 07:08PM
Hey Andrew

OK lets firstly make sure you are referring to the correct hardware!

G5 PowerPC (or PPC) Macs are no longer made

Intel MacPros use the Xeon Chipset with the latest Mac using the Nehalem version of the Xeon.

To answer your question is difficult because they draw power based on the configuration of the individual Mac. Extra memory, hard disks, RAID cards, Video cards, Monitor(s) or a higher power GFX card will all add to the equation.

So, you go to the local electrical store (or online) and buy a power meter for a few dollars ($20-$40) and run the Mac with the configuration you have and the meter will tell you exactly how much you need in any situation that you test.

Either of these should work:



Search Google for a good deal.

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