AVCHD on a Mac

Posted by Delphinus 
AVCHD on a Mac
March 04, 2010 12:43PM
Hi gang:
Do I need an Intel Mac to edit AVCHD in FCP 6.0?
Re: AVCHD on a Mac
March 04, 2010 01:12PM
Technically, no. But effectively, yeah, pretty much. Final Cut 6 can't cut AVCHD ? I don't think Final Cut 7 can either, if I remember right ? so it transcodes to ProRes during log-and-transfer. You won't enjoy cutting ProRes on such an old system.

Re: AVCHD on a Mac
March 04, 2010 01:36PM
You need an intel mac to transcode AVCHD to ProRes via Log and Transfer. There are ways to get the transcoding done (eg. Voltaic, Toast, etc..), and you would prefer using ProRes, but it's not going to be so much fun.

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