BPAV wrap after "unsupported media"?

Posted by tigressmedia 
BPAV wrap after "unsupported media"?
April 12, 2010 10:28PM
I'm a media manager who uses SxS cards frequently without problem. I use Shotput to copy the raw media and XDCam Transfer to wrap the files into movs. Today on set our Digital Tech had a timecode sync problem. The 4 cameras he'd jammed timecode together - weren't taking the sync. We did a play back for talent and he reset his system. The files that were recorded to the card immediately following are labeled "unsupported media" in both FCP and XDcam Transfer previews. But only for the 2 cameras on which we played back. NOT for the other 2 cameras. Their timecode is whack - but the files are readable.

Its 3 clips specifically and they are on the cameras where we did playback.

I copied the raw media through Shotput and the log says all files were verified properly. However, when attempting to wrap into XDcam Transfer I get a message "Failed to import movie from file at ....024_0465_01.MP4 (-50). And when I try to wrap into FCP Log and Transfer, I get a blank thumbnail in the window and when I click on the clip - the preview window says "Preview unsupported for this format".

Is this because of the timecode issue?

The only hope is that there is size to the BPAV files that are "missing". And they seem to have all of their internal files - CLPR folder, CUEUP.XML file, MEDIAPRO.XML file, TAKR folder. Inside the CLPR folder - the folder containing the missing media has an .MP4, an .SMI, a .PPN, a .XML and a .BIM. Just like all the other clips that work properly.

Is there way possible way to import these files in a different way? Is there any way to open and export them? Or convert them?

Thanks for any help or ideas!
Re: BPAV wrap after "unsupported media"?
April 13, 2010 01:01PM
I found a work around for these corrupt files! Using ClipBrowser - I was able to preview the "missing" clips. Then I set an in point and an out point about halfway through the clip. Then I went to File>New Clip using In/Out Section. This created files that were able to be read by XDCam Transfer and I was successfully able to make the .movs. Now I'll just have to sew the .mov sections back together before creating my multiclips. I hope this helps someone else!
Re: BPAV wrap after "unsupported media"?
April 13, 2010 07:53PM
Thanks for posting both the question and the answer tigress. It almost positively will help someone else.

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